Poké Eggies and Jim Battles

Another Day, Another Fad: Part 3

Photo by Landon Martin on Unsplash

“Rinpoche, you are looking really odd! Why is your fur standing up in weird directions?”

“I have a new avatar for Pokécat, Daddi. I want to look like her now.”

“Talking of Pokécat, Rinpoche, I’m having people over for a barbeque tonight, so you’ll have to move your Pokédeck insect collection off my deck. And that decomposing rat too!”

“It’s not a rat, Daddi. It’s a Ratatat – a rare Pokécat.”

“Its definitely a rat, Rinpoche! And what are these bird eggs doing on the deck?”

“They are my Poké Eggies, Daddi. I’m waiting for them to hatch into new Pokécats.”

“Those eggs are never going to hatch, Rinpoche. You’re wasting your time. And these squashed mulberries that you’ve collected have made a huge mess on my deck.”

“I need the Mull Berries to catch some of the stronger Pokécats, Daddi. I’ll lick the purple stains off the deck if you like.”

“No thanks. Just move everything immediately, Rinpoche!”

“I can’t do it now, Daddi. I have to go to fight a Jim Battle.”

“A gym battle like the ones in the Pokémon game?”

“No, a battle against that fierce cat, Jim, who lives in the next street. If I win the battle, I can take all his Pokécats, but I have to give him mine if I lose. Wish me luck for the Jim battle, Daddi.”

“Wait, Rinpoche! I’ve seen that cat – he’s huge! You can’t do this! You’ll be badly injured.”

“The Pokécat rules say I cannot ignore a Jim challenge, Daddi. Besides, I have my avatar to help me. What could possibly go wrong?”

– to be continued –

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