Repugnant, Repugnant, Let Down Your Hair

Rinpoche Loves Feary Tails: Part 2

“Move up, Rinpoche! There’s no room for Mummi and me in the bed.”

“Perhaps you could sleep in my bed, Daddi.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Rinpoche! It’s far too small for us. Why don’t you sleep in your own bed?”

“Daddi, I’m waiting for Prince Calming to come and visit me, and he’ll expect to find me in a bed that is fit for a princess.”

“Well, Prince Charming or not, you don’t need to take over our entire bed.”

“I can’t help it, Daddi. I’m stretching my legs out to check whether there’s a pea under the sheets.”

“A pea?”

“Yes, I thought you and Mummi might have put one in the bed to test whether I’m a real princess. We princesses have very sensitive skin and can’t sleep comfortably with peas in our beds. Haven’t you heard the feary tail about the princess and the pea?”

“There are no peas in the bed, Rinpoche. And, by the way, why is there a big pile of your fur on my pillow?”

“I’m collecting it to make a plait, Daddi. Then, Prince Calming will say, “Repugnant, repugnant, let down your hair,” and he’ll climb up my plait to visit me.”

“It’s going to take you forever to collect enough fur to make a plait like Rapunzel’s.”

“Oh, it doesn’t need to be as long as hers, Daddi. Prince Calming only has to climb up the side of the bed.”

“Rinpoche, it’s past midnight, and Mummi and I are both exhausted. And you’d better get some sleep too if you want Prince Charming to wake you with a kiss.”

“All the more reason to stay awake, Daddi. I’m not letting anybody kiss me without my consent – even if he is Prince Calming!”

– to be continued –

(Read Part 1 here)



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