Rinpoche and the Bed Deceit: Part 1

Rinpoche explains about the bed deceit to Daddi.

The Terrible Tail and Moon Ceremony

“You’re looking particularly sleek and well-groomed today, Rinpoche. Are you going somewhere?”

“Yes, Daddi. I have to attend a Cat Council meeting for the annual review of my performance as Chief Cat of the House.”

“Well, good luck, Rinpoche! You’re bound to get a good review.” 

“No, it’s going to be a disaster, Daddi! The Cat Council has changed the rules, and a cat with any black marks against her is disgraced and stripped of her position as Chief Cat of the House. If this happens to me, I’ll have to undergo the terrible Tail and Moon ceremony!”

“What’s the Tail and Moon ceremony?”

“The cats at the meeting form a circle around the disgraced cat, hissing angrily and swishing their tails at her in disgust.” 

“It sounds a bit like ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’.”

“I don’t know anything about this handmaid or her tail, Daddi, but nothing could be worse than the Tail and Moon ceremony! I’ve known cats who never recovered from the humiliation.”

“What happens after the hissing and tail swishing?”

“It’s really painful to speak about, Daddi. All of the cats turn their backs on the disgraced Chief Cat of the House, and they moon her to show their disrespect. It’s horrible! After that, no cat in Gloucester is allowed to speak to her for two weeks!”

“I’m sure this won’t happen to you, Rinpoche.”

“It will, Daddi! The new rules say that the Chief Cat of the House will lose her position if any of the other cats or humans in her house ever disobey her. And you have disobeyed me, Daddi. This is all your fault!” 

“When did I disobey you?”

“You refused to buy me that new Comficat bed I wanted for Christmas – the one that has six reclining positions and plays lullabies. Now I’ll have a black mark against me because of your disobedience, Daddi, and I’ll have to take part in the Tail and Moon Ceremony!”

“If you don’t tell the council anything about the bed, surely they won’t ever find out about it?” 

“They will, Daddi! I mentioned your disobedience to Gwyneth when her humans gave her a Comficat bed for Christmas.”

“Can’t you ask her to keep quiet about it?”

“It’s too late! Gwyneth is good friends with the Town Crier, Tabloid, and foolishly told him, so every cat in Gloucestershire knows about your disobedience by now. And, Daddi, I’m terrified of what will happen at that meeting today!”

– To be continued. –

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