Rinpoche and the Bed Deceit: Part 2

Rinpoche shows that she is a cunning cat in the Bed Deceit Part 2

Rinpoche is a Cunning Cat

“Rinpoche, I hate to see you so upset! And I don’t want you to be punished by the Cat Council and stripped of your position as Chief Cat of the House because of my refusal to buy you a new Comficat bed. What can I do to sort things out?”

“There is one thing, Daddi. You could order the new bed for me immediately. I’ll tell the council that I’ve disciplined you and you’ve seen the error of your ways. You’ll just have to give me that small piece of paper called the ‘deceit’ as proof of the purchase. Do you really promise you’ll buy the bed for me?” 

“My word is my bond, Rinpoche. I’ll order the bed immediately and give you the receipt.”


Five minutes later…

“It’s all done, Rinpoche. I’ve ordered the bed online, and here’s the receipt. I hope that’s put your mind at rest?”

“It has, Daddi! But all this stress has worn me out, so I think I’m going to take one last nap in my old bed.”

“But aren’t you supposed to be leaving immediately for your important council meeting?”

“What council meeting, Daddi?”

“The meeting for your annual performance review as Chief Cat of the House. You told me that you’d receive a black mark because of my disobedience and you would have to attend that humiliating Tail and Moon Ceremony.”

“I think you are confused, Daddi. That meeting was two months ago – long before you refused to buy me the bed. And I actually received a very favourable review. Besides, the council is quite lenient about minor infringements. They know how disobedient humans can be on occasion.”

“Rinpoche, you tricked me into buying this bed! I’m sure there is no such thing as a Tail and Moon Ceremony. I’ve a good mind to cancel this purchase!”

“You can’t do that, Daddi. I heard on TV that they don’t allow cancellations. In any case, I have the paper deceit, and you told me your word was your bond.”

“Rinpoche, you are a cunning and wicked little cat!”

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