Rinpoche Becomes a Celery Cat

Rinpoche becomes a celery cat

“Rinpoche, something strange is going on. There are eight cats sitting outside my front door, and each of them is holding a mouse. Do you know anything about this?”

“Oh, those are some of my followers, Daddi.”

“Your followers?”

“Yes, Daddi. I don’t like to boast, but I’ve become famous and have many fans and admirers. I’m now a celery cat.”

“A cat that likes celery?”

“Don’t be silly, Daddi! Cats are travelling from every part of Gloucestershire to consult me. I’m a celer … I’ve forgotten the word … a celerity cat.“

“Is that a cat that runs fast?”  

“Daddi, why do you always mock me? You never treat me with the respect I deserve.”

“I’m sorry, Rinpoche. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. How did you become a celebrity cat?”

“By predicting the future, Daddi. I read cats’ paws and also do amazing psychic readings. Do you remember the one I did for you?”

“Yes, it was unforgettable. Have you made any other accurate forecasts?”

“Of course I have, Daddi. I told little Mittens, that he should watch his step, or his rash behaviour would lead to his downfall. And the next day he fell off the roof!” 

“That wasn’t hard to predict. That kitten is a magnet for misfortune. I hope he’s recovered from his fall?”

“He’s fine, Daddi. You can’t subdue Mittens for long.”

“What else have you successfully predicted?”

“I did a reading for my friend, Gwyneth, and told her that she would meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger.”

“And did she?”

“Not yet, Daddi, but I’m sure she will soon.” 

“Rinpoche, are you charging for these … er … fortune telling sessions of yours?”

Cat with a mouse illustration - Cato9Tales“A very modest fee, Daddi – just the bargain rate of one mouse per consultation.” 

“Ah, that explains the mice-bearing cats on my doorstep! And talking of that, Rinpoche, shouldn’t you greet your fans who are patiently waiting outside?”

“Daddi, communicating with the Spirit World is an exhausting process and drains all my energy. Please tell my customers to leave their mice on the doorstep and come back later. I need a long nap.”

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