Rinpoche becomes an A-cat-demic

The Odd-dizzy: Part 6

I had never thought of Rinpoche as being a particularly academic cat, but she surprised me by applying herself with great enthusiasm to her Chief Cat of the House training. In no time she had mastered square roots and was making good progress in her studies of algebra and trigonometry as well as Latin and German. She was also a fund of information on Leonardo da Vinci and his famous cat, Fabrizio.

“Rinpoche, what are you doing, alone, in this dark room?”

“I am thinking about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Daddi. It is very difficult and I don’t understand it completely.”

Most people don’t, Rinpoche. Why don’t you take a break from all this learning? You’ve been looking rather peaky lately. Come outside with me into the garden and get some fresh air.”

“I can’t, Daddi … I can’t! I might fail the Chief Cat of the House exam and disappoint my tutor, Dr. Tröger! He believes I can become a cat demic.”

“An academic? I think he’s right, Rinpoche. When is your exam?”

“Two weeks time, Daddi – just two weeks! And I’ve still got so much to learn. I’m only halfway through translating Caesar’s Gallic Wars. If you don’t mind, I must return to my studies now.”

“Wouldn’t you like a little breakfast first?”

“No, Daddi. There’s not a minute to waste!”

“I have some of your favourite yoghurt…”

“No, Daddi, I must be strong. The life of a cat demic is not easy.”

-to be continued-

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