Rinpoche Considers Higher Education

The Odd-dizzy: Part 17

“Rinpoche, it’s been over two weeks since you passed your Chief Cat of the House exam with flying colours.”

“That’s true, Daddi.”

“And you told me that your examiners were most impressed by your knowledge of the life of Leonardo da Vinci?”

“Yes, they were particularly interested when I explained that the Mona Lisa was actually painted by Leonardo’s talented cat, Fabrizio.”

“I thought you’d be overjoyed at finally becoming Chief Cat of the House. Yet, for days now, you’ve barely touched your food, and you haven’t budged from your bed.”

“I know, Daddi.”

“As Chief Cat, you are entitled to boss Mummi and me around even more than usual. But you’ve shown no interest in doing this. What’s the matter, Rinpoche?”

“It’s just that I… I miss Dr. Tröger, Daddi.”

“Your tutor, Dr. Tröger? Well, why don’t you visit him? You know where he lives.”

“I can’t disturb him, Daddi. He’s a very busy cat and has many pupils. In order to see him every day, I’d have to study for a postgraduate degree under his guidance.”

“That’s not a bad idea, Rinpoche. You seem to be a born academic – brilliant at your studies but hopeless at coping with real life situations.”

“Thank you, Daddi. That’s very kind of you. Actually, I’ve been thinking about studying for an ASS degree.”

“What’s an ASS degree?”

“It’s an Advanced Super Student degree. Very few Chief Cats have reached such a high level of education.”

“Well, go for it, Rinpoche!”

“I’d like to, Daddi, but I’d have to do a thesis…”

“Why’s that a problem?”

“The topic has to be something fresh and original – something that other cats haven’t studied before. I’ve racked my brains for days, but I just can’t think of anything. It’s awful, Daddi! I might never see Dr. Tröger again…  Oh, woe is me!”

-to be continued-

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