Rinpoche Demands a mePhone

A Millennial Cat: Part 2

“You couldn’t possibly have sent a text message on my phone, Rinpoche. The screen was locked.”

“It was easy to unlock it, Daddi. I just touched here with my paw. Check your phone and you’ll see my text.”

“Good grief! You really have sent a text – to the CEO of the company I work for!”

“I’m a clever cat, aren’t I, Daddi?”

“No, you’re not! You’re a very bad cat, Rinpoche. My boss is going to think I was drunk or deranged to have written this text. It doesn’t make any sense!”

“That’s because you’re a baby bloomer and don’t understand text language, Daddi. Read my text to me, please.”

“It says: ‘4YEO BBAMFIC,


“You see, Daddi, I told you it made perfect sense. Shakespeare would have been proud of me.”

“Rinpoche, I want you to promise me that you’ll never touch my phone again.”

“But, Daddi, I’m a millennial cat. We millennials can’t live without our phones.”

“Promise me, Rinpoche!”

“All right, Daddi, but, in return, you’ll have to promise to buy me my own phone. And not one of those phones that burst into flames. I want a mePhone.”

“You mean an iPhone?”

“No, Daddi. You’ve got an iPhone, so I want a mePhone.” 

The End

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 Coming Soon: The Joys of Reality TV: Part 1

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