Rinpoche Has a Zoom Party


“Watch where you run, Rinpoche! I almost spilled my hot tea over you!”

“Sorry, Daddi.”

“Why are you rushing around with one of my socks on your head?”Cat with a sock on her head

“It’s my special hat, Daddi. I’m having a zoom party.”

“A Zoom party?”

“Yes, zooming is the latest craze for cats. Look how fast I zoom!”

“Rinpoche, I think you have the wrong idea. Zoom is a form of online video communication that is particularly useful for virtual meetings and business conferences…”

“That’s boring, Daddi! Let’s zoom to my zoom room instead. One … two … three … zoom!” 

“I’m not running around like an idiot, Rinpoche! Where is this ‘zoom room’ anyway?”

“In the spare bedroom, Daddi. That’s where I have zoom sessions with my best friend.”  

“You still don’t understand Zoom, Rinpoche. It enables you to talk to people and see them on a screen even though they are not actually in the room with you.”

“I know, Daddi. I see my friend on a screen and talk to her every day in the zoom room.”

“That’s impossible, Rinpoche … unless, you are referring to an imaginary friend?”

“No, Daddi, she’s real. Follow me … I’ll show you… There! Do you see my friend on that screen?”

“Rinpoche, you are looking at yourself in the mirror.”Cat looking in the mirror. Rinpoche has a zoom party

“No, I’m not, Daddi. That’s my friend. Look! When I wave to her, she waves back. And she zooms with me too.”

“You are seeing your own reflection, you silly cat! Haven’t you noticed that the furniture behind your ‘friend’ is exactly the same as the furniture in this room and she has a sock on her head too?”

“I know she’s a copycat, Daddi, but I take it as a compliment that she wants to be like me. Though I do have one small problem when she speaks to me.”

“What’s that?”

“I can see her lips moving, but I can’t hear what she’s saying. Perhaps you could fix the volume for me, Daddi? You’re good at necknology.”

“I’m afraid this is not a problem that can be sorted out with technology, Rinpoche.”

“Well, never mind – I love my friend all the same. Have you noticed her lovely white paws and gleaming black fur? Isn’t she beautiful, Daddi?”

“Yes, she is, Rinpoche. In fact, I think she’s the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen!”


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