Rinpoche Hides from Halloween: Part 1

Rinpoche hides from Halloween

Daddi Searches Every Cook and Granny

“Rinpoche, you can come out from under my bed now. Halloween has been over for several weeks.”

“Are you sure, Daddi?”

“Of course I am!”

“Have the scary witches all gone, Daddi?”

“There’s not a single witch to be seen, Rinpoche.”

“And what about the ghosts, Daddi? Or the monsters and zombies?”

“Rinpoche, there are absolutely no monsters, zombies or ghosts. Please come out now. Mummi is starting to object to your litter box being under our bed. And she says your food bowl is attracting ants and cockroaches. You know how much she hates cockroaches.”

“I can’t think why, Daddi. They are delicious snacks.”

“Are you coming out or not, Rinpoche?”

“I first need to know if there is a fool moon tonight, Daddi. Scary creatures love a fool moon.”

“There’s no full moon, Rinpoche. The moon is waning at the moment.”

“Why is it wailing, Daddi? Is the moon scared of Helloween too?”

“The moon is not scared of Halloween, Rinpoche. And it’s waning – not wailing. That means we see less and less of it every night until only the smallest sliver is visible. This is called a new moon.”

“Will it disappear forever, Daddi? I don’t like it when there is no moon. The scary creatures can hide away more easily!”

“No, Rinpoche, it will start to wax and appear bigger every night until there is a full moon again.” 

“That seems pointless to me, Daddi. Why does the moon bother to get smaller if it is only going to grow bigger again?”

“It’s complicated, Rinpoche. I’ll explain when I have more time. Now, come out from underneath my bed! I’m going to count to three… One… two…”

“Wait, Daddi! I promise I’ll come out, but I want you to do one teeny favour for me first…”

“What’s that?”

“Could you search the house and garden very well to make sure there are no scary witches or other creatures hiding somewhere? They might be in disguise, so look very carefully, Daddi. Sometimes witches dress up like old ladies or other people.”

“All right, Rinpoche, I’ll search every nook and cranny if it sets your mind at rest. But after that, you have to come out from your hiding place.”

“I promise I will, Daddi, as soon as you’ve searched every cook and granny!”  

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