Rinpoche Hides From Halloween: Part 2

Rinpoche goes trick or treating

Rinpoche Has a Clever Plan

“Daddi, have you finished searching everywhere in the house and garden for witches and other scary creatures?”

“Yes, Rinpoche. And I found nothing, so it’s perfectly safe for you to come out from your hiding place under my bed.”

“Did you check the garage? I’m sure vampires would like the garage.”

“There was no sign of a vampire in the garage. Now, out you come, Rinpoche! Halloween won’t be here again for ages… There, that’s better! It’s time you saw the light of day, or you’ll start turning into a vampire!”

“Will I really, Daddi?” 

“Of course not, Rinpoche! I was only joking.”

“Daddi, why do so many scary creatures come to our house to frighten me at Helloween time?”

“They are not really scary creatures, Rinpoche. They are just children dressed up in Halloween costumes.”

“That’s mean of them, Daddi! Children are scary enough as it is without dressing up as horrible creatures.”

“Halloween is a tradition, Rinpoche. It’s meant to be a fun time for children…”

Fun? To scare a poor little cat out of her wits is supposed to be fun?”

“They don’t intend to harm you, Rinpoche. Halloween is an evening when children go from house to house in spooky disguises to ‘trick’ you into giving them a ‘treat’.”

“Does it work, Daddi? Do you really give the children treats?”

“Yes, I do, Rinpoche. Trick-or-treating is an enjoyable game for children. They love dressing up, and this is the only evening of the year when they are allowed to ask strangers to give them sweets.”

“Daddi, why don’t you and I go trick-or-treating next year? You’d make a very good witch, and I could be your cat. All witches have black cats.”              

“You are a black and white cat – not a black one.”

“I’m much more black than white, Daddi. Anyway, nobody will notice my colour in the dark.”

“I’m glad you are over your fear of Halloween, Rinpoche, but why are you suddenly so keen to go trick-or-treating? You don’t even eat sweets.”

“Daddi, we could ask the people in the houses to give us proper treats – like prawn nibbles or those delicious new Magical Minnows snacks you’ve been buying lately.”

“I doubt if they’d be willing to do that.”

“I have a clever plan, Daddi. You can trick them by into giving us treats by singing. Mummi always says that your singing is the scariest thing she’s ever heard, and I agree. People will give you whatever you want if you just agree to stop singing!”

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