Rinpoche Has a Hissy Fit

The Odd-dizzy: Part 13

“Rinpoche, did you eventually speak to the bureau-cat named Reception about obtaining your licence to sit the Chief Cat of the House exam?”

“Yes, but I waited in the coup at City Hall for a long, long time.”

“The queue, Rinpoche – not the coup. I keep telling you this.”

“Yes, Daddi. After spending many hours in the coup, it was finally my turn to go up to Reception’s desk. But, just at that moment, she announced it was time for her ‘tea break’ and disappeared for many more hours. When she returned, she informed us that the City Hall was now closing and all cats should return the following day during normal office hours. I was furious!”

“I don’t blame you!”

“After dealing with these bureau-cats, I was starting to hear funny buzzing noises in my head and not feeling quite myself. So I marched up to Reception’s desk angrily and demanded to have my interview with Chief Bureau-cat Slush immediately.”

“What did she say?”

“She told me Chief Bureau-cat Slush had left the building early in order to walk around the golf course. She also said I was in the wrong department and tomorrow I should report to Bureau-cat Sloth instead.”

“And then?”

“Something strange happened when I heard her words, Daddi. The buzzing noise in my head kept growing louder and louder, and then I had a hissy fit…”

You? My timid little cat, Rinpoche, had a hissy fit?”

“Yes, Daddi. I leapt up onto Reception’s desk and started snarling and hissing most ferociously. I refused to move from my position until someone interviewed me regarding my licence application.”

“My brave Rinpoche! How did she respond?”

“At first she seemed astonished and also a little scared. But then she pulled herself together and threatened to call the Security Cats to take me off to the Rough Up Room for a ‘rehabilitation’ session.”

“Oh dear!”

“That’s the way I felt, Daddi. But then I had my brilliant idea!”

-to be continued-

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