Rinpoche is a Musical Moggy: Part 1

Rinpoche is a musical cat. Taking singling lessons

Singing like Kitty Te Catawa

“Rinpoche, what’s the matter? Why were you wailing so plaintively? Are you in pain?”

“I was just practising my scales and arpeggios, Daddi. I’ve started taking singing lessons with Dr. Tröger.”

“Dr. Tröger? The tutor who trained you for your Chief Cat of the House exam? I didn’t know he taught singing.”

“He teaches everything, Daddi. I want to learn to sing like Kitty Te Catawa.” 

“Do you mean Kiri Te Kanawa, the New Zealand soprano?”

Kiri Te Kanawa, the New Zealand soprano
Image credit: Pinterest

“No, Daddi, I’m talking about the famous Gloucestershire cat soprano, Kitty Te Catawa. She sang in the opera, ‘Toscat’ recently. Everyone’s talking about how talented she is.” 

“Rinpoche, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but do you really think you’re cut out to be an opera singer? You need heaps of dedication and talent to succeed in such a competitive field.”

“I have plenty of talent and dedication, Daddi. I’m a brilliant opera singer already. I’m just struggling a little to reach high C.”

“I’ve noticed.”

“With all due respect, Daddi, you know nothing about opera. You’re totally tone deaf, and all you ever listen to is that dreadful blues music by Muddy Daughters and Scowling Wolf.”

“The musicians are Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf.”

“Either way, it’s horrible stuff!”

“It isn’t, Rinpoche. Blues music is actually…” 

“Daddi, I can’t waste any more time arguing about this. I have another singing lesson with Dr. Tröger in an hour, and I have to master my role in Madam Butterfly.”

“Rinpoche, your talents are far better suited to chasing butterflies!”

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