Rinpoche is a Musical Moggy: Part 2

Rinpoche Joins a sassy jazz band

A Smart and Sassy Jazz Band

“What’s up, Daddi? You look awful this morning.”

“I didn’t get any sleep last night. Some cats were making a terrible racket on our roof. You must have heard them, Rinpoche?”

“Oh that was my jazz group, Daddi. You were right about opera singing not being the best career choice for me. Dr. Tröger suggested that my smoky, velvety voice might be better suited to jazz singing instead, so I’ve formed a band with four other pupils. Last night we gave our first performance, and everyone said I have a voice like Eartha Kitty.” 

“Eartha Kitt?”

“No, Eartha Kitty, the famous Gloucestershire jazz singer.”

“I see. Rinpoche, I don’t understand why you can’t choose a more considerate time for your musical sessions. What’s wrong with performing during the day, when people aren’t trying to sleep?”

“We have other important things to do during the day, Daddi.”

“Like what?”

“Eating and sleeping … and thinking too.”

“Thinking about what?”

A Sassy Jazz Cat“We have to come up with a good name for our band. We are a group of smart and sassy female cats, and we need a name that reflects that. Do you have any suggestions, Daddi?”

“Why don’t you call yourself The Screaming Sirens? Or maybe you could go for The Wailing Banshees?”

“I won’t talk to you if you refuse to take this matter seriously, Daddi.”

“I’m sorry, Rinpoche. How about The Cool Cats?  Or maybe The Cat’s Whiskers? That’s smart and sassy.”

“Great idea, Daddi! Do you have any other suggestions for our band?”

“Yes, why don’t you consider going on tour? That way you could get greater exposure and increase your fan base. And I could also get a good night’s sleep.”

“What was that last sentence you mumbled, Daddi?”

“Never mind.”

“Where do you think we should tour?”

“Anywhere further away, Rinpoche. How about that fancy area in which some of our local politicians live? They are bound to appreciate your nocturnal jazz singing as much as I did.”

“Daddi, do you think our band could actually be famous one day?”

“I’m sure you’ll go far, Rinpoche … in fact, the further away, the better!”

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