Rinpoche is a Shamelessly Manipulative Cat

Rinpoche is a shamelessly manipulative cat

Rinpoche Makes Sourdough Bread:  Part 2


“Daddi, if you let me make bread just this once, I promise I’ll throw away the rest of my sourdough starter afterwards – even the mouse. And I’ll clean up your kitchen too.”

“How do you think you’ll manage that? The flour and water on the floor have hardened into glue.”

“I’ll give the whole room a lick and a promise with my powerful tongue, Daddi.”

“And how am I supposed to work in this messy kitchen in the meantime?”

“I’ll clear a pathway leading to the stove for you … and perhaps another one leading to the fridge. Besides, this teeny mess will all be worth it when you taste my delicious bread.”

“No, thank you!!”

“That’s a pity, Daddi. You’ll be missing a real treat; the mouse adds great flavour. I’m really looking forward to making this bread. Kneading the dough should be great fun – I love kneading things!”

“I’ve noticed. You’ve kneaded my sitting room sofa to shreds!”

“I think I’ll enjoy waiting for the bread to rise, too. That can take several days, so there’ll be time to take a lovely long nap. And I can’t wait to shape the dough into a nice round ball… Of course, you’ll have to help me put it into the oven to bake…”

“What other jobs have you lined up for me?”

“Actually, Daddi, I had a brilliant idea… Why don’t you put Gwyneth’s special sourdough recipe in your bog?”

“My toilet??”

“Don’t be silly, Daddi! I’m talking about the bog in which you write stories about me.”

“Oh, you mean my blog!”

“That’s right. I’m sure your readers would love Gwyneth’s recipe.”

“Rinpoche, has Gwyneth actually made sourdough bread herself?”

“No, Daddi.”

“Then why did she tell you to do it? Why doesn’t she make the wretched bread?”

“Gwyneth’s humans can be very unreasonable, Daddi. They won’t allow her to use the kitchen. But she said you would let me make sourdough bread, because you are such a kind person.”

“Rinpoche, just twenty minutes ago, you told me that Gwyneth doesn’t trust me and thinks I look evil!”

“You’re imagining things, Daddi. Gwyneth would never say anything so nasty about you; she really likes you. And she’s going to be delighted to hear you are allowing me to make sourdough bread.”

“I didn’t say I would… Oh, to hell with it; I can’t win! Rinpoche, you are a shamelessly manipulative cat!”

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