Rinpoche is Queen of the Catwalk

Rinpoche is queen of the catwalk

“Daddi, could you please lend me one of the books you wrote?”

“Certainly, Rinpoche. Would you like to read Christmas Carols for Cats? You enjoyed it very much the last time I read it to you.”

“I don’t want to read anything today, Daddi. I just need to practise walking around the room with a small book on my head.” rinpoche posing to become queen of the catwalk

“What on earth are you talking about, Rinpoche?”

“I have to improve my posture, Daddi. It’s my homework for the modelling lessons I’m taking. I want to be a famous model like Naomi Catbell.”

“I assume you are talking about Naomi Campbell?”

“Of course I’m not, Daddi. Naomi Catbell is the famous Gloucester cat model who…”

“Never mind Naomi now. What happened to your jazz singing vocation? Weren’t you taking jazz lessons?”

“That was last week, Daddi. I’ve already learnt everything there is to know about music. Dr Tröger says I’m the coolest jazz singer since Cat King Cole. He loves my smooth and sultry voice. But now I need a change of career.”

“Is Dr. Tröger your modelling teacher?”

“No, Daddi, his wife, Brunhild, does the lessons. But Dr. Tröger has been very supportive. He says I’m going to be the Queen of the Catwalk and I’m hot and slinky.”

“Rinpoche, I’m beginning to suspect that Dr. Tröger’s feelings for you are not entirely plutonic.”

“What’s ‘bluetonic’ mean, Daddi?”

“I’ll explain later. Does this Brunhild agree that you’ll be a good model?”

“I don’t think so, Daddi. She’s very scary and hisses at me a lot. And it’s not fair! The other cats in the class are practising on the catwalk already, but Brunhild says I have to work on my weaknesses before I’m ready for the ramp.”

“What weaknesses?”

“Brunhild says I have terrible posture and depawtment. That’s why I have to walk around with a book on my head. What’s depawtment, Daddi?”

“It’s the way you stand and walk and also behave. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with your deportment, Rinpoche. You always hold your head up well and walk with your tail in an elegantly upright position.”

“That’s exactly what Dr. Tröger said, Daddi, but Brunhild just hissed at him angrily. Then she said I had poor ‘eticat’ and was ‘rough around the edges’. Do you think my edges are rough, Daddi?”

“Not at all, Rinpoche! You have wonderfully fluffy and cuddly edges. Besides, I don’t see what etiquette has to do with modelling.”

“Dr. Tröger said that too.”

“Your Dr. Tröger might be a clever cat, but he’d be a lot wiser if he learnt not to praise you so enthusiastically to his wife. Brunhild is obviously jealous of you.”

“Should I tell Dr. Tröger to be more bluetonic, Daddi?”

“That might be a very good idea, Rinpoche!”

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