Rinpoche Needs a Bed Update

Rinpoche needs a bed update and she's chatting about Christmas

Chatting About Christmas: Part 1

“Daddi, you and I need to chat.”

“About what, Rinpoche?”

“There’s very little time left before Christmas, Daddi, and you should be thinking about choosing my gifts. I don’t want you to leave things to the last minute, as you did last year.”

“What were you hoping to get for Christmas?”

“Daddi, I’d very much like a new bed. I saw one on TV that has six different reclining positions and plays soothing lullabies when you push a button on the side.”

“I bought you a new bed recently, Rinpoche. You don’t need another one yet.”

“I use my bed a lot, Daddi, and it suffers heavy wear and tear. My blankets have become threadbare and scratchy, so my bed needs a software update. Besides, you get updates all the time on your mePhone.”

“It’s not the same thing at all, Rinpoche. My iPhone software updates are essential for security purposes and to fix bugs.”

“Well, I have bugs in my old bed too, and I’d sleep a lot more securely in an updated bed, Daddi.” 

“I’ll think about it – but no lullabies. Was there anything else on your mind?”

“Yes, Daddi. Please speak to your relatives and friends. Some of the presents they chose for me last year were totally unacceptable. Someone even had the nerve to give me a small piece of paper! I was so disgusted that I tore it into pieces!”

“Yes, it was a shame you shredded it. I could have bought you a really good present with that £50 gift voucher! Now, I really need to get back to the sound system I’m working on, Rinpoche.”

“Wait, Daddi… We also need to buy a gift for my best friend, Gwyneth. She’s a very modern cat, so you’ll have to choose something trendy. I was considering a glow-in-the-dark food bowl that can be engraved with your cat’s name. I’ve seen one that alerts you with a warning sound when the bowl is empty. Gwyneth would like that; she appreciates the finer things in life. And we mustn’t forget about little Mittens’ gift.” 

“I thought you were trying to avoid Mittens.”

“That’s only because he has attention deafercat disorder and is exhausting. I’m very fond of him all the same. I thought you could give him one of those Cat Wand Toy Making Kits you asked me to review a while ago. That would keep him nice and busy… Why are you looking so glum, Daddi? The Christmas season is supposed to be a time of merriment and joy.”

“Only if you are a pampered cat, Rinpoche!”

-To Be Continued-

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