Rinpoche Plays Pokécat

Another Day, Another Fad: Part 2

“Rinpoche, have you noticed the strange behaviour of the Gloucestershire cats lately? They seem to be distracted and in their own little worlds. I’ve seen many inattentive cats walking into walls or trees.” 

“A rare Flutterby! I haven’t got one of those…!” 

“Did you hear me, Rinpoche? Something weird is going on. This morning, I nearly ran over a cat with my car. She was totally oblivious to the traffic and was slowly crossing the road, with her eyes glued to the ground.”

“Caught it!” 

“Rinpoche, you haven’t heard one word I’ve been saying!” 

“Sorry, Daddi. I was at a PokéPaws and needed to catch a Pokécat.” 

“What are you talking about, Rinpoche?” 

“I’m playing Pokécat, Daddi.” 

“Do you mean Pokémon?” 

“No, that’s a silly human game. Pokécat is for cats. All my friends are playing it. When you come to a PokéPaws, you try to catch the Pokécats in the area and add them to your Pokédeck. Would you like to see my Pokécat collection, Daddi?” 

“Ugh! What is this nasty pile of insect corpses doing on my deck, Rinpoche?” 

“It’s not your deck, Daddi. “It’s my Pokédeck. Look at this splendid Beesknees! And here’s a Snorelaze. This other Pokécat is a Squirmywormie and that one’s a Hopposaur.” 

“That’s actually a grasshopper, Rinpoche.” 

“No it’s not – it’s a rare Hopposaur. Not many cats have managed to catch one.” 

“What is this disgusting, chewed-up thing?” 

“That’s a Pickandchew, Daddi – or, rather, part of a Pickandchew. They are quite common, so I use some of the extras pieces for candy… Wait, Daddi! My sixth sense has picked up a Ratatat nearby. I have to go!” 

“Watch out, Rinpoche! You’re running straight into that pole!”

 -to be continued-

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