Rinpoche Sends a Text

A Millennial Cat: Part 1

“Rinpoche, have you seen my new iPhone? I can’t find it anywhere.”

“Er… It might be in my bed, Daddi.”

“Your bed? Rinpoche, I’ve warned you before not to play with my phone. Do you remember how you broke my old one?”

“Daddi, I did you a favour. That old-fashioned phone was as big and heavy as a brick. You would have been a laughing stock walking around with it nowadays.”

“That’s besides the point. It was my phone, and I liked it. I hope you haven’t damaged my new one, Rinpoche?”

“It’s fine, Daddi. Here, take a look.”

“Rinpoche, it’s not fine! It’s wet and sticky, and it’s covered with cat fur!”

“That’s because I licked it clean for you, Daddi. You should be grateful. The screen was filthy! I’m sure I’ve picked up some dangerous germs from it.”

“What were you doing with my phone, anyway?”

“I was sending a text, Daddi.”

“Don’t be silly, Rinpoche! You’re a cat. Cats can’t send text messages.”

“I’m a millennial cat, Daddi. All millennials can text. We were born knowing how to do it.”

-to be continued-

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