Rinpoche Smells a Rat

Rinpoche smells at rat

The Meowa Democatic Caucus: Part 2

“What happened at the Meowa Democatic Caucus, Rinpoche? It sounds serious.”

“It was, Daddi! That annoying cat, App, and his team of officials were counting the voters who were grouped around each presidential candidate, when the biggest, juiciest rat I’ve ever seen suddenly started walking slowly across the field. In an instant, all the voters left their positions and charged after the rat, trying to catch it. And the presidential candidates joined in too – except for Sleepy Joe, of course. He was too slow to realise what was going on.”

“Did you take part in this undignified chase?”

“Well, er, yes … but it wasn’t my fault, Daddi. I was swept along by the wave of cats. Then, someone knocked me down in the rush, and while I was flat on the ground, several cats ran over me.”

“Poor Rinpoche! Were you hurt?” 

“I’m fine, Daddi; just a bit bruised. But something about this incident makes me smell a rat! It seems too much of a coincidence that such a tempting creature should have chosen this particular moment to stroll across the field. I’m sure that the Reds deliberately placed the rat on the field in order to disrupt the counting of our votes!”

“The Reds?”

“The ginger cats from Worcestershire, Daddi. They always interfere in our elections. They are keen to invade Gloucestershire and take control of our territory.”

“You have no proof that they introduced the rat, Rinpoche.”

“I don’t need proof Daddi; I have a hunch, so it must be true. It’s time that we built a wall to keep those foreign Worcestershire gingers out of Gloucestershire! And even if the Reds had nothing to do with the rat, this whole cork cuss disaster is all your fault, Daddi!”

My fault? How can I be blamed for your disastrous cat caucus?”

“Daddi, cats used to choose our leaders in such a civilised and orderly way before we saw how you humans carry on when you hold elections. You’ve set a horrible example for us with all your snarling, hissing, and fighting! And where do you think App got his stupid ideas about cork cusses and other such idiocy? As a human, you should be ashamed of yourself, Daddi!”

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