Rinpoche Tells the Legend of the Furballs

Rinpoche tells the legend of the fur ball

“Daddi, today is Thank Tabithat Day. It’s a very special day for cats.”

“Why is that, Rinpoche?”

Rinpoche the furball“Well, Daddi, according to an old cat legend, there were once many different animals on earth, but there were no cats. The story goes that Tabithat, the god of cats, looked down from his home on high Mount Mog and decided to create an animal that was far superior to all other creatures on earth. So he opened his mouth and coughed up a huge furball that magically formed into a beautiful sleek cat named Felicity. Then Tabithat opened his mouth again and spat out another giant furball. This became a handsome tomcat, Felix. Being a male, he was not quite as smart as Felicity, but he was still vastly superior to all other earthly creatures. In no time, there were many of these clever and remarkable cats on earth…”

“Rinpoche, what makes you so sure that cats are superior to all other animals? Have you forgotten about humans?”

Humans, Daddi? Humans are our slaves. How can they be superior to cats? It’s true that they care for us and tend to our needs, but we are still their masters. And compare our musical meows and purrs to the harsh grunts, growls and shrieks of humans…”

“We don’t grunt, growl and shriek, Rinpoche.”

“I’m afraid you do, Daddi; you haven’t heard the way you humans sound. Besides, cats are the only animals clever enough to understand the wonderful language, Catspeak.”

I understand Catspeak, Rinpoche. You taught it to me.”

“Ah, Daddi, I was coming to that. The legend of the furballs also predicted that one special human would learn Catspeak. Though not as superior as cats, this human would serve cats with great devotion and understand them so well that he could almost be considered an honorary cat. You are this special human, Daddi.”

“Thanks, Rinpoche. Are you trying to butter me up for a particular reason?”

“No, Daddi, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful meals that you prepare for me. I can’t get enough of those Dreamy Bliss Fishy Snacks that you sometimes give me at this time of the morning…”

“Rinpoche did you make this whole cat legend up in order to flatter me into giving you a snack?”

“Daddi, I’m offended! Why would I be so manipulative?”

“Because you are a cunning and superior little furball, Rinpoche!”

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