Rinpoche’s Journey to Greatness

The Odd-dizzy: Part 1 

“It’s my anniversary today, Daddi. It’s a year since I became Chief Cat of the House.”

“Congratulations, Rinpoche! You’ve been a great Chief Cat.”

“I know I have, Daddi. Do you remember my Journey to Greatness?”
“Indeed I do, Rinpoche. It all began last year when I told you I had found a new tutor to coach you for the Khat Khouncile’s Chief Cat of the House examination…”


“Daddi, is this tutor, Dr. Tröger, a whitecoati doctor like the one who savagely attacked me last week?”

“No, Rinpoche, Dr. Tröger is not a veterinary doctor. He’s a very learned German cat with a doctorate in C.R.A.P.”

“What is C.R.A.P, Daddi?”

“Cat Rituals and Practices.”

“Are you sure he won’t try to murder me, Daddi?”

“Of course not, Rinpoche! Dr. Tröger is a certified tutor for the Chief Cat of the House exam and highly recommended by the Khat Khouncile.”

“Where will I find this Dr. Tröger, Daddi?”

“He lives in the offices of Katzenjammer Computers in town.”

“In Town, Daddi… in Town?”

“There is nothing to fear about town, Rinpoche.”

“Daddi, there are noisy cars that roar down the street at fearsome speed…”

“Yes, Rinpoche, but you need not fear them. You won’t have to cross the road in order to reach the building.”

“But Daddi, I do not speak German Catspeak.”

“Your appointment with Dr. Tröger is in five hours, Rinpoche. We still have time, with the help of Google Translate, to give you a crash course in German.”

“Will you come with me to Katzenjammer Computers, Daddi?”

“No, I cannot, Rinpoche. The rules of the Khat Khouncile state that all Chief Cat of the House candidates must make this journey alone. Think of the experience as an exciting odyssey.”

“What is this Odd-dizzy thing, Daddi?”

“It’s a journey, Rinpoche – usually with many adventures.”

“But Daddi, I’m scared of adventures, and I might get lost…“

“Use your inner GPS, Rinpoche; all cats have these, and they are said to be far more reliable than the navigation systems we humans depend upon.” 


to be continued

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