Santa Claws and his Eight Raindears

Rinpoche wants to write a letter to Santa Claws

Chatting About Christmas: Part 2

“Daddi, my friend, Gwyneth, was telling me that there’s a plump ginger cat named Santa Claws, who brings Christmas gifts to cats that have been good all year.”

“I’m not sure you’ve been all that well-behaved, Rinpoche. What about that bird you brought into the house this week? You know I hate it when you catch our garden birds.”

“That was just a small mistake, Daddi. I’ve been mostly good, and our Cato9Tales blog made it onto FeedSpot’s blog; Top 10 UK Cat Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2020. Won’t you please write a letter to this Santa Claws and ask him to bring me some Christmas presents, like the new bed I asked for?”

“Can’t I email or text him instead?”

“No, he’s old and doesn’t understand that stuff humans call necknology. Gwyneth says you have to write a proper letter…  Daddi, did you know that Santa Claws travels through the sky in a cart pulled by eight raindears?”

“I thought it was a sleigh – not a cart.”

“I’d love to see the raindears, Daddi! I usually don’t like water animals, but these ones sound kind and lovable, even if they are probably very wet.”

“Reindeers aren’t water animals, Rinpoche.”

“They must be, Daddi – otherwise they wouldn’t be called raindears. Gwyneth told me they land on the roofs of houses when Santa Claws delivers his gifts to children. She says he likes entering houses by climbing down people’s chimneys. He must get very dirty from all the soot, but it’s obviously just a weird thing he does… Oh dear! I’ve thought of a huge problem, Daddi! We don’t have a chimney. How is he going to get my gifts to me?”

“We can leave a window slightly open.”

“You’ll have to open it wide, Daddi. Apparently, he’s a rather large cat. I do hope his raindears don’t come inside as well. They’ll drip water all over your carpet and might even wet my bed if they decide to wander around.”

“I’m sure your bed will be fine, Rinpoche. Now, have we finished discussing Christmas?”

“Yes, Daddi, but don’t forget my letter to Santa. And you’d better do it right away; you know how slow our Royal Mail can be!”

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