The Door Attack

The Odd-dizzy: Part 3

“What happened after you escaped from the mean cats on The Catwalk, Rinpoche?”

“I found a shortcut leading down a long alleyway.

And guess what, Daddi! I passed a row of Gone Bins where three friendly cats were enjoying high tea. They invited me to join them…”

“Don’t tell me you wasted time rummaging through rubbish bins? Your tutor, Dr. Tröger, hates unpunctuality!”

“I didn’t spend that long, Daddi. And I travelled quickly afterwards. I soon reached the building where Katzenjammer Computers is to be found, but then something terrible happened…!”


“I was attacked by a door, Daddi – a big, scary, glass one! It was like a mad insect – a bizzum that flew round and round, taking me with it…”

“Ah, you mean a revolving door! But, Rinpoche, why did you not simply step out of the door?”

“I was caught in one of its jaws, Daddi, and greatly afraid. I prayed to Chief God Tabithat and waited and waited for the door to stop spinning, but it kept on and on…”

“Oh, foolish Rinpoche! Are you saying you just stood there helplessly while you went round and round in circles?”

“Yes, for a long, long time, Daddi, until a large lady was caught in one of the jaws of the door as well. She was holding a tray on which there were tasty-smelling small foods – the ones you call snacks. My tummy was rumbling, as I had not eaten since I passed the bins…”

“So you followed this woman when she stepped out?”

“Yes, I closed my eyes tightly and jumped free from the terrible jaws of the door. And, Daddi, I think I now understand why you called my journey an Odd-dizzy! My head was still spinning after the door’s brutal attack, and I walked in a strange way – like Daddi does when he drinks a whole bottle of the red water that makes him silly.”

“Yes, yes…just tell me about your lesson with Dr. Tröger.”

“I will tell you some other time, Daddi. I am very weary after my Odd-dizzy and need supper and a long rest.”



to be continued

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