The Gang of Reds

Voting for Trumpet: Part 3.

“Daddi, guess what! Everyone’s saying that the Gang of Reds interfered with our election and helped Trumpet to win!”

“The Gang of Reds?”

“Yes, Daddi – a gang of big, scary ginger bullies. They are foreign cats from Worcestershire. Since the tabbies left, we’ve seen a lot of Reds hanging around our catwalk.”

“How did they interfere with the election?”

“Well, at our elections, each candidate has an empty yoghurt tub called a potta. All voters place a flying insect – a bizzum – into the potta belonging to the candidate of their choice. Afterwards, the bizzum votes are counted. Trumpet won this election because he got the most insects.”


“There are rumours that the Gang of Reds hacked into Slush’s yoghurt potta and ate all of her bizzums, so she got no votes!”

“Did Trumpet have anything to do with this?”

“He denies it, Daddi. But his son, Cornet Jnr, was seen talking to Reds on the catwalk just before the election.”

“If Trumpet was involved, he should be impeached!”

“Cats don’t like peaches, Daddi.”

“No, Rinpoche, I meant… Oh, never mind… What will be done about Trumpet?”

“Nothing, Daddi. The next election is due in two days anyway. And Trumpet has become bored with politics. He’s moving to Worcestershire with his new wife, Morbidity. I believe they are opening a wrestling school for cats.”

Good riddance to him! This is the dawn of a new day for Gloucestershire’s cats.”

“Yes, Daddi. I can’t wait for the next election!”


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