The Misdemeanours of Mittens the Kitten

The Misdemeanours of Mittens the Kitten

Daddi Homeschools Mittens: Part 2

“Rinpoche, I absolutely refuse to homeschool your naughty friend, Mittens! Besides, you told me he attends Kitty Crèche during the day.”

“He used to, Daddi, but he was expelled.”

“What does a kitten do to get expelled? Burn down the school or something?”

“How did you guess, Daddi? …Well, actually, he didn’t burn down the crèche completely; he just made a small fire that the firefighters managed to put out eventually.” 

“How did he manage that?”

“He found a box of those little magic fire sticks that humans call scratches…”


“Yes, and he was scratching a fire stick hard against the side of the box, as he had seen his humans do before, when there were suddenly flames everywhere! I think it was rather clever of him; I don’t know any other kittens that can make fires.” 

“Did he commit any other crimes at crèche?” 

“No crimes, Daddi – just small mistermeanies.”

“What misdemeanours?”Naughty little mittens with a ball of wool

“During Kitty Naptime, he fetched a big ball of wool from the Craft kit and wound the wool tightly around the tails of the sleeping kittens. When they woke up, they became hopelessly tangled up with each other as they tried to move around. It took the teacher hours to free them.”

“What else did he do?”

“Just some harmless mischief, Daddi. As a joke, he liked to stand on top of the open door of the playroom and jump down and land on top of any kittens who came into the room. Unfortunately, one of the teachers didn’t think it was funny when Mittens did it to her as well. Her injuries were very minor, so she obviously has no sense of humour!” 

“I’ve heard enough, Rinpoche; I’m definitely not going to homeschool this deranged kitten! I want you to go to his guardian’s house right now and tell her that it’s out of the question.”

“It’s too late, Daddi. I hear Mrs Frazzle at the front door now, and she’s brought Mittens with her.”

To Be Continued

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