The Town Crier and the Puppyrazzi

The Odd-dizzy: Part 14

Photo by Kim Davies on Unsplash

“What was your brilliant idea, Rinpoche?”

“Well, Daddi, as you know, I was very angry after spending the whole day in the coup at City Hall, waiting to see the cat named Reception…”

“The queue, Rinpoche – not the coup.”

“Yes, Daddi. When Reception threatened to call the Security Cats to have me removed and ‘rehabilitated’, I knew I was in serious danger. But then I had a brainwave and told her I would report her to the Town Crier.”

“The Town Crier?”

“Yes. His name is Tabloid, and he loves gossip. When you tell him an interesting story, he yowls about it from the rooftops until every cat in Gloucestershire has heard the news. Reception’s reputation would be ruined if Tabloid spread the word about her rudeness.”

“Is he the cat that has been making that infernal racket on my roof at night lately? I’ve used the hosepipe on him several times, but he keeps coming back.”

“Nothing deters the Town Crier, Daddi. And once the Puppyrazzi have picked up the scent of the story, they help to spread it around.”

“The Puppyrazzi?”

“They are a pack of yapping chihuahuas, Daddi. They call themselves ‘Newshounds’ and are always sniffing around for some new scandal.”

“Did Reception change her mind about calling the Security Cats when you threatened her with the Town Crier?”

“Not at first. But then a miracle took place! All the other cats in the coup suddenly started advancing towards Reception’s desk, chanting, ‘Town Crier! Town Crier!’ She was terrified by the mob of angry cats and begged me to make them leave quietly. She said that she normally only worked during office hours but would make an exception in my case and personally conduct my interview in place of Chief Bureau-cat Slush.”

“Good! What happened next?”

“I told her it was a case of ‘one for all and all for one’, so she must attend to every cat in the coup. And she did.”

“I owe you an apology, Rinpoche. It appears that you really were in a coup at City Hall rather than a queue.”

“I thought so, Daddi. But it seemed rude to correct you.”

-to be continued-

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