The Trouble with Kittens

A kitten causing trouble for Rinpoche

“Rinpoche, you look exhausted, and your ear is bleeding. What happened? Were you in a fight?”

“No, Daddi. I was looking after the kitten next door, Mittens, while his owner went to the shops. I thought it would be fun to play a few games with him, but he immediately grabbed hold of my tail, hanging on to it and pulling me around the room.”

“Poor Rinpoche! That must have been painful.”

“It was, Daddi. When he was bored with that game, he sneaked up behind me and suddenly pounced, biting my ear. Then he ran up to the curtains and started clawing them.” 

“Oh dear!”

“To calm him down, I suggested we play Hide and Seek, and he ran off to hide in the small room where humans foolishly keep a roll of paper on the wall. Mittens unrolled this paper and shredded it into tiny pieces. And the next time he hid away, I heard a loud crash and found him in the kitchen in the middle of a mess of broken glass and sticky red stuff, which was all over his paws and fur.”

“The naughty kitten!”

“Things got worse, Daddi. Mittens hid away again, and this time I couldn’t find him at all. He had jumped out of an open window and was running towards the road, where the car machines roar like tigers and rush at you! I caught him just in time, and carried him home by the scruff of his neck, placing him firmly in his bed. I tried telling Mittens a bedtime story, but he complained that he was bored, and demanded a snack. When I refused to give him one, he cried so much that he eventually fell asleep from exhaustion. But then something strange happened, Daddi…”

“What was that?”

“When he was sleeping, he looked so cute and innocent that I began to think that perhaps I had been wrong about his behaviour…”

“You weren’t, Rinpoche. I hope you won’t try looking after Mittens again?”

“Actually, Daddi, I’ve promised his owner that I will go back tomorrow. It’s a matter of pride. How can I allow one small kitten to get the better of a big, grown-up cat like me?”

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