The True Story of a Superprincess

Rinpoche tells a true story of a superprincess

Rinpoche Writes a Me-meow: Part 2

“Daddi, I’ve redone my me-meow. And I’ve changed the title to ‘The True Story of a Superprincess’.”

“But you aren’t a…”

“Don’t interrupt, Daddi. You’ll have a chance to praise me as much as you like after I’ve finished. Here’s the first chapter:

From the moment I was born, it was obvious that I was not an ordinary cat. My mother, Queen Caterina, was astounded by my incredible superpowers. At the age of five weeks, I lifted up a heavy piano with one paw and hurled it down the palace staircase. Everyone in the palace agreed that I was the strongest cat in the world. I also had impressive climbing skills and could run up sheer walls or walk upside-down along ceilings. But then something happened that changed my life forever…

“I still have to work out the rest of the me-meow, Daddi. Isn’t it exciting? Do you like my cliffhanger?”

“It’s a truly gripping tale, Rinpoche, but a memoir must be a true story.”

“Haven’t you heard of alternative facts, Daddi?”

“Yes, but a memoir should be actual facts. Of course, you could publish your story as a novel instead.”

“There you go again, Daddi! Tramping on my dreams! There’s no satisfying you, is there? I’m starting to think you’re jealous of me.”

“I’m not, Rinpoche. I just want to help…”

“You’ll remember your hurtful criticism one day when I’m a successful author and you are a struggling poet, starving in a cold carrot!”

“I’ve no intention of becoming a poet, Rinpoche. And I think you mean starving in a cold garret.”

 The End

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