The Three Precious Things

The Cult of the Cats: Part 3

“Rinpoche, have you seen your food bowl? I can’t find it anywhere.”

“I gave it to Prophet Mumbo Jumbo, Daddi.”

“You what…? Why?”

“The Wondrous One was very angry when I told him you would not allow me to bring him food from your house, Daddi. He said he doubted my commitment to The Cult of the Cats, and I would have to prove my loyalty by giving him Three Precious Things.”

“Precious things?”

“Yes, Daddi, the three things that I most cherish. My food bowl was one of these.”

“You foolish cat! What else have you given to this charlatan?”

“My little toy hedgehog. That was the Second Precious Thing.”

“The hedgehog was your favourite toy, Rinpoche! How could you give it away? And what’s the third precious thing you’ve parted with?”

“I haven’t taken it yet, Daddi. I first need a favour from you. Prophet Mumbo Jumbo has demanded my new bed, but I can’t carry it on my own. Could you help me?”

“Certainly not! That bed cost me a fortune, Rinpoche. When you saw it advertised on TV, you pestered me endlessly to buy it. You pointed out that the bedding is one-hundred percent organic, house mite resistant, hypoallergenic, and luxuriously comfortable.”

“I know, Daddy. It’s the best bed I’ve ever had.”

“That’s why I won’t allow you to give it to that **★#** Mumbo Jumbo!”

“You cussed, Daddi! Prophet Mumbo Jumbo says bad language will bring about an acropolis.”

“You mean an apocalypse. And I don’t care if I cause ten apocalypses. You are still not taking your new bed to Mumbo Jumbo.”

“You are making a huge mistake, Daddi. I greatly fear the consequences of your decision…”

– to be continued –

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