Three Tricky Questions

The Odd-dizzy: Part 15



“Now tell me all about your interview to register for the Chief Cat of the House exam, Rinpoche.”

“Well, before we started, Reception demanded three mice for conducting the interview. I said we had already paid ten mice to Cat Gravy, who had promised to give some of these to Cat Slush, but Reception insisted that she, too, required a mice perk.”

“Three more mice? What a scam!”

“I thought so, too, Daddi, but I gave her my last three mice. After that, she asked me some tricky questions.”

“What questions?”

“First, she wanted to know the full names of my parents. I replied that my father had been a travelling cat and he left before I was born. Even my mother did not know his name.”

“What about your mother’s name? You’ve never told me this, Rinpoche.”

“When I was small, my mother was called many different names by the tomcats in the neighbourhood. I explained to Reception that most of these names were very rude, so I’d rather not mention them.”

“Poor Rinpoche!”

“The questions got even harder, Daddi. Reception said she would need to test my wisdom. So, she asked an arithmetic question that was really very silly.”

“What was that?”

“She said I should imagine that I had twenty sardines. If I gave twelve of these to a friend, how many sardines would be left? I told her there would be none, of course, as I would eat the rest immediately. What’s the good of leaving delicious sardines lying around for Grondus, that greedy cat next door, to steal?”

“I don’t think that’s the answer she wanted.”

“No, she didn’t look pleased. Next, she asked if I knew the total cat population of Gloucester. Dr. Tröger had warned me that this question was always asked in interviews, and he’d given me the answer just before I entered the building. But it turns out that another 500,000 litters of cats had been born during the long hours I spent waiting at City Hall for my interview. So my answer was wrong.”

“That’s not fair!”

“No, it isn’t. But things got ever worse when she asked her fourth and final question!”

-to be continued-

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