Time’s Up for Toms!

#MeAlso: Part 1

Photo by Bence Boros on Unsplash





“Rinpoche, why are you hissing so fiercely at Cuddles, the cat next door?”

“Daddi, he’s a sexual predator!”

“Cuddles? He seems like such a gentle and harmless old cat. What’s he done to you, Rinpoche?”

“I was walking in the garden yesterday, and I looked up to see him giving me the eye. It was a really creepy leer, Daddi! I’m sure I saw him wink too.”

“Rinpoche, I think I understand how this misunderstanding came about. Poor old Cuddles is almost blind in one eye. His owner, Mrs Barrows, told me recently that she took him to the vet to have an operation on the eye. He still can’t focus properly, so that’s why he seemed to be ‘giving you the eye’.”

“I don’t trust him, Daddi. He’s a tomcat and they’re all the same. We female cats have had enough! That’s why we’ve started #MeAlso.”


“Yes, it’s a movement that enables us to share the bad experiences we’ve had with tomcats. Exposing their behaviour and shaming them allows us to take back control of our bodies. Sister cats must stand together, Daddi! Sexual harassment has to end! Time’s up for toms!”

 -to be continued-

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