Triplicat, the Copy Cat

The Odd-dizzy: Part 9

Photo by Nathan Riley on Unsplash

“You’re home, at last, Rinpoche! Tell me about your interview with the bureau-cats at City Hall. Did you get your licence to attend the Chief Cat of the House exam?”

“It was far harder than I expected, Daddi.”

“Why’s that?”

“Everything started off well. Dr. Tröger took me safely to City Hall, and I entered the building while he settled down on the steps outside to wait for me.”

“And then?”

“I climbed the stairs, as he had directed, to the upper floor, where the Khat Khouncile has its offices. There were many other cats heading in the same direction.”

“I’m surprised that the humans who work at City Hall don’t object to all these cats wandering around their premises.”

“Oh, they haven’t even noticed us, Daddi. Dr. Tröger says that bureau-humans are as unobservant as our own bureau-cats. In any case, the humans seldom visit the upper floor. It’s mainly used to store old office equipment and furniture.”

“I see. What happened when you reached the top of the stairs?”

“A very large cat stepped forward and blocked my way. He introduced himself as Triplicat, the Copy Cat.”


“Yes, he makes copies of all important Khouncile documents. Triplicat said I needed to sign some papers with my paw print before I continued on my way. But first he demanded that I pay him the Khouncile Perk of two mice.”

“Oh dear!”

“It wasn’t a problem, Daddi. Knowing the ways of the Khat Khouncile, Dr. Tröger had thoughtfully given me six succulent rodents to pay any perks that were demanded. I dropped two of these mice at Triplicat’s feet. To be honest, I was glad to lighten my burden. It’s not easy to carry six mice in your mouth at the same time.”

“I can imagine. Well, Rinpoche, we can continue this conversation later. It’s getting dark already, and you look as though you could do with some comfort food.”

“That’s a good idea, Daddi. I’ve had an exhausting day with Khouncile bureau-cats.”

-to be continued-

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