Wrecksit and the Refereedom

Frokca in Catspeak means to fight. Learn Catspeak at Cato9tales.com

The Great Gloucestershire Divide: Part 3

“What is going on with the cats in our neighbourhood, Rinpoche? Lately, I’ve seen so many of them fighting.”

“I know, Daddi. It’s terrible! They are fighting because of Wrecksit.”


“Yes, Daddi. You see, all the local councils in the county belong to the Gloucestershire Union. But many cats in our own neighbourhood council are now demanding Wrecksit – they want to leave the GU and become an independent council.”

“And what do you think about this, Rinpoche?”

“Today, I’m in favour of Wrecksit, Daddi, but yesterday I was opposed to it. I don’t know how I’ll feel tomorrow.”

“That’s wishy-washy, Rinpoche. Surely you should make up your mind one way or another?”

“Daddi, it’s very confusing when you hear both sides yowling their opinions all the time. So it all depends on which cats are the most persuasive on a particular day.”

“Do you mean the cats that offer the most logical arguments?”

“No, Daddi, the cats that meow the loudest and scare me the most. It’s very difficult to decide whether we should leave the Gloucestershire Union or not. That’s why we are going to have a refereedom.”

“A referendum?”

“No, a refereedom. The strongest Wrecksit supporter will be chosen to fight against the fiercest Wrecksit opponent. A referee will decide which cat is the winner. I must go now, Daddi. The fight is starting soon, and I can’t wait to see it!” 

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-to be continued-

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